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Therapeutic Riding

It all started with a pony ride. Kelsey riding "Amy"
with Merel circa 1994

Helping Horses Help People...


Horseback riding is recognized as one of the most beneficial forms of therapy for individuals with physical disabilities. Developed in Germany in the late 1960's, therapeutic riding has been successfully practiced in Europe, Canada and the United States. For the physically impaired, riding a horse can play a significant role in rehabilitation. A horse's gait is similar to the locomotion of the human pelvic area. Riding helps strengthen spine and pelvic muscles, as well as, provide all the criteria of low-level aerobics. The discipline needed to master riding improves mental concentration and emotional control. Frequently a strong bond develops between the horse and rider. Additionally, the relationships formed between students, instructors and volunteer assistants can provide lifelong friendships and rich rewards for everyone involved in this endeavor.



Our riders are like our horses... They don't care how much you know until they know how much You Care!

  • Bandit (he will steal your heart)  1999 Paint Gelding
  • Pistol 1998 Quarter Horse Gelding
  • Sugar (Short and Sweet) 1992 Draft /Quarter Mare
  • Sassy (In Training) 1993 Minature Mare
  • Cinnabon (In Training) 2001 Paint Mare
  • Cookiexxxxxxx
  • Leaguer2000 Quarter Horse Gelding
  • Chimes (in Rehab)2000 Throughbred Gelding
  • Sly (he IS sly)1999 Paint Gelding
  • Aztec 1999 Paint Gelding - in Rehab
  • Toby XXXX  Thoroughbred
  • MercyXXXX Horse Type Here